Saturday, April 5, 2014

Hi all, well in my last article i showed you how to make the Moroccan tangia ( but i don't think there is another country who makes tangia LOL ), anyways i decided to show you some great picture of this delicious dish well here is some pictures :

Well, you should know that Moroccans cook TANGIA in this Crock pot that we call it TANGIA, so basically the name of he dish is related from the crock pot that we cook in it the  repast .

Usually we serve Tangia in a Moroccan Tagine  like this one :

This a little tip specially for you :  you can add some almonds and dried apricots  on the top of tangia to make it look more delicious and it adds a special flavor to the dish , trust me you will love it.

Finally if you want the  tangia recipe recipe just click here : TANGIA RECIPE.


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